IP: Adrian Montesano

This project aims to evaluate REVISE’s efficacy in preventing sexual victimization by allowing men to experience sexual harassment from a victim’s perspective. While psychologically-informed VR shows promise, more research is crucial. REVISE’s efficacy will be tested through three conditions: immersive harassment scenes, neutral scenes, and third-person witnessing. Post-session, couples discuss in swapped avatars, promoting gender-equitable responses. Targeting 90 young heterosexual couples, a mixed-method analysis will assess changes in empathy, relationship dynamics, and gender roles, supplemented by physiological data and longitudinal studies. By evaluating REVISE, we aim to enhance evidence-based tools for educational campaigns, specialized therapy, and sexual offender rehabilitation programs.

Ariadna Angulo-Brunet
Ariadna Angulo-Brunet

My research interests are focused on psychometrics in various fields, specifically in audiovisual communication, attitudes towards LGBTI individuals, and artificial intelligence.